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Which Windows Are Best for Basements?

In homes that have them, basements are a great place to store seasonal or infrequently needed items, hide unsightly appliances, create a workspace, or turn into extra living space. With so many potential uses, it makes sense to bring in some extra light and ventilation with a few well-placed windows, but what are the ideal types for your basement? There are several good choices and a few factors that may affect the type of window you choose.

What Makes a Good Basement Window?

Windows in the basement should be operable to provide some light and ventilation, especially if you will be creating a workspace or living area there. If you will be spending considerable time in the basement, the windows should also be large enough to serve as an exit or egress in case of an emergency like a fire. Finally, the windows should be easy to open but hard to manipulate from the outside, and they should lock securely to keep your home protected from break-ins.

The Best Basement Windows for Your Home

Basement windows are often limited by the vertical height available between the grade and the top of the foundation. Short, rectangular styles are some of the best options for basements, including the following types of windows:

  • Hopper windows: Hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and can open either in toward the basement or out away from the home. They offer plenty of light and ventilation, and outward-opening hopper windows can allow materials to be passed into the basement, but they are poor choices for egress windows because the glass is in the way.
  • Awning windows: Hinged at the top, awning windows typically open out, forming a kind of roof over the window well. This makes them ideal for ventilation or passing materials into the basement, and they can also serve as awkward egress windows in an emergency if they are large enough.
  • Slider windows: Typically configured with one fixed sash and one operable sash, one half of a slider window can move over the other to provide a large opening and plenty of ventilation. Large slider windows can provide easy access to the basement and are good choices for egress windows.
  • Casement windows: Hinged at the side, casement windows can open in or out like a door, depending on the configuration. They offer large amounts of light and ventilation, as well as easy access to the basement. If there is enough height for a large casement window or space to install a window well outside, they make ideal egress windows as the glass can swing completely out of the way.

At Zen Windows, we feature all these types of windows and more. Call (877) 583-0423 or contact your local Zen Windows dealer for a quote.

Basement Windows Installations by Zen Windows

When you need quality basement windows and a professional, energy-efficient window installation, choose our team at Zen Windows. We make the processes of buying replacement windows simple, and our company features:

Get the perfect windows for your basement with help from our team at Zen Windows. Call us today at (877) 583-0423 or send us a message online to request a free, no-obligation quote from your nearest Zen Windows dealer.

Regions Where Basements are Popular

Not all locations are ideal areas for basements, such as swampy regions like Florida or sandy and rocky regions like the desert Southwest. Here are the areas where basements are the most likely to be used, as well as links to our Zen Windows locations in those regions:

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