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Garden Window Installation & Replacement in Cleveland, OH

Garden windows are beautiful and also functional, providing a small garden area or display space, and flooding the chosen area of your home with natural light.
At Zen Windows Cleveland, we can replace a ho-hum kitchen window with a unique, glass-shelved garden window, or install garden windows in other rooms in your home. We are known for our superb customer service and vinyl window replacement expertise.

Learn about garden window installation for your home and schedule window replacement today—zero hassle and zero pressure!

What Makes a Garden Window Stand Out?

Garden windows physically protrude from your home’s structure. This unique 3D configuration allows a light-filled, favorable growing environment for kitchen herbs and other plants.
Although often called greenhouse windows, they don’t have to display plants — and need not be installed in the traditional spot, your kitchen. Cleveland homeowners have brainstormed many additional creative places and uses for these handy, eye-catching windows.

How Are Garden Windows Different From Bay Windows?

You could think of a garden window as a mini version of the larger bay window. After all, there’s no reason you couldn’t grow larger, potted plants in a bay window. Smaller garden windows, however, typically have a glass top, not often seen in a large bay window.
Garden windows generally extend out at a 90˚ angle from the home, allowing maximum depth to place growing plants. Bay windows jut out less sharply from the outer wall of the home because their larger size makes a gradual transition suitable.

Due to these differences, a large, high-quality bay window is most at home in a living room, den, or bedroom. Smaller garden windows are often placed in the kitchen, but can also be installed in a home office, craft room, and other areas, if you so desire.

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Garden Windows Benefits for Cleveland Homeowners

Garden windows offer advantages like:

  • Unique character: Charming garden windows have been known to bring a smile to the faces of visitors, when noticed from outside, or inside, your northeastern Ohio home.
  • Views: Garden windows offer more viewing angles than typical home windows, due to their depth, extending beyond the home’s exterior wall. Your view from indoors will be even sweeter, as you look out past lovely green plants, herbs, vases of flowers, or family photos you have on display.
  • Décor options: Items you display in your garden window become a focal point, showcased as they are in your glass window, naturally lit from behind. You might opt to display your favorite items or collections. Your eye-catching garden window can be both a conversation starter and a daily reminder of items that bring you joy.
  • Practicality: Garden windows serve a function that most windows do not, with their depth and shelving. Will you use yours to grow a conveniently located herb garden, show off handmade items, or something else?

Zen Windows Cleveland: Your First Choice for Vinyl Replacement Windows

Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen garden window or if it’s time for garden window replacement, you can rely on Zen Windows. We make new window installation stress-free, and guarantee both our products and our work for as long as you own your home.

Call Zen Windows Cleveland at (877) 583-0423 now to get started. You can also contact us online for your fast, FREE & 100% accurate estimate!

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