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Zen Windows Columbus

Superior Replacement Windows & Window Installation in Columbus, GA

At Zen Windows Columbus, we believe that buying windows can be a pleasant, zero-stress experience. That’s why we’re proud to offer several options for replacement windows so that you can find the perfect match for your home, your style, and your budget.

Browse our vast selection of replacement window styles and high-quality vinyl materials custom-manufactured for a perfect fit. Then, when you’re ready for more info and a fast, 100% accurate quote for replacement windows, simply contact Zen Windows Columbus!

Ready to get started? Call (706) 289-3155 to get a simple and accurate quote for replacement windows in Columbus.

We Install All Types of Windows for Columbus Homeowners

At Zen Windows, we offer any type of window you could want for your Columbus home. Options for our vinyl replacement windows include:

Double Hung Windows

Providing superior ventilation and easy maintenance, double hung windows are among the most popular replacement window options available. Containing an upper and lower sash, each sash slides vertically up and down. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, double hung windows provide complete customization for a truly unique home aesthetic.

Picture Windows

Highly energy-efficient, picture windows perfectly frame your surroundings to bring the beauty of the great outdoors into your home. Available in many shapes and sizes, picture windows are fixed-pane windows that do not open or close, providing ultimate insulation and weather resistance to help lower your home’s monthly energy expenses.


Casement Windows

These windows are hinged on the side and use a crank to open outward to the left or right, providing incredible ventilation and unobstructed views. When in a locked position, these windows securely fasten to the weather-stripping to provide enhanced energy efficiency and insulation. Casement windows are also incredibly easy to clean and require very little maintenance.

Awning Windows

Like casement windows, awning windows are also hinged; however, the hinges are located at the top, allowing the window to open from the bottom outward. These window types offer incredible ventilation and feature a weather-tight construction to help protect from water seeping into the home.

Bay Windows

Typically constructed using a picture window and two casement windows flanking each side, bay windows have a unique, angular design and protrude from a home’s exterior. Bay windows offer elegance, superior natural light, ventilation, and energy efficiency.

Bow Windows

Similar to bay windows, bow windows feature four or more panes that are carefully placed together to create a gentle curve. Bow windows offer a truly unique style and beauty, and can even be strategically placed to wrap around the corner of your home. These windows also feature excellent ventilation, natural light, and unobstructed views.

Garden Windows

A smaller version of a bay window, garden windows are usually placed above your kitchen sink to provide a truly unique home aesthetic. These windows are like a mini greenhouse, offering more shelf space for your house plants and providing them with increased light exposure. Incredibly energy efficient, these windows are an excellent option for bringing enhanced style and elegance to your residence.

Round Top Windows

These windows are strategically placed above existing windows for improved style and beauty. When placed higher up on the wall, these windows allow more natural light into the home while offering superior energy efficiency and insulation due to their inability to open.

Hopper Windows

Rather than being hinged at the top like awning windows, hopper windows are hinged at the bottom to open outwards from the top. Providing improved ventilation, these windows are also incredibly energy efficient when locked into place against their airtight seal.

Special Shape Windows

Bring fun and flair to your home with a specialty shape window designed just for you! These windows provide enhanced beauty and elegance while bringing improved energy efficiency and insulation to your home due to their inability to open. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles, and materials, customization possibilities are virtually endless with special shape window installation.

Window Material & Color Options

Our windows come in a variety of colors. Our wide selection means you can choose the perfect window to match your home, style, and tastes.


Why Choose Zen Windows for Your Window Replacement Project?

Homeowners who choose Zen Windows are amazed by how hassle-free we make window replacement. In every single area that matters, we take the old way of doing things and turn it on its head.

The old way is a long, high-pressure in-home sales presentation. The Zen Way is a very fast quote process. When you choose to work with Zen Windows, you receive:

Zero-Hassle Quotes

When you call asking for a quote, we’ll ask you some simple, straightforward questions. A question we always ask is “why are you interested in replacing your windows?” Knowing why allows us to tailor our recommendations to match your desired results.

We’ll also ask you some basic questions about your home and find out what questions you have for us. We give you a very brief synopsis of who we are and how we work.

The entire call with us typically takes a short while, and we’ll email your quote within one business day.

It really is that easy.

Sit back and relax and let Zen Windows Columbus give you an experience that goes above and beyond every other replacement window process.

Call us today at (706) 289-3155 or contact us online to discuss your replacement window needs!