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How quickly can we have our windows installed from Zen Windows Columbus?

When we are asked, “What is the expected installation timeframe if I order replacement windows today from Zen Windows Columbus?”

We can confidently reply that we are typically installing within 3-4 weeks of your order that we place with our window manufacturer. Once we have your order, we send our installation team lead to do a precise measurement of your windows. Then your order is placed and your installation is just weeks away.

Once we have a precise shipping date from our window manufacturer, Soft-Lite we can set final details for best time of arrival, date and any special instructions you have for us when we arrive with our installation team.

As much as we speak of the details of how well our windows are crafted, and certified with Gold Label, etc. The installation team is going to play the most critical role. You can have the best windows in the world but if the installation is substandard. There are so many losses in the integrity, strength and thermal efficiencies. We have two dedicated teams of installers and we are able to install year around as we do not over schedule our teams, leaving them with ample time to complete even very large jobs all in one day to minimize any inconveniences to you and your family.

During the winter months, people have asked us if we are still able to install windows, and the answer is always yes. Even here in Columbus, OH the temperatures can drop extremely low but we are able to install your new replacement windows one at a time with the least amount of time needed for your heating system to catchup and keep your home toasty.

While calling is welcome, the fastest way to get started with us is to initiate your online replacement window quote with Zen Windows Columbus by clicking here.

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