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Replace Windows for Lead Paint Abatement

Columbus, Ohio homeowners with older homes and windows are at risk for lead exposure from the home’s original paint applied before 1978. Strict regulations were put into place in 1978 to limit the use and production of lead-based paints due to extreme health risks.  Opening and closing windows is a particular risk, since this repetitive motion can grind through the layers of paint applied to window frames and sills. This can cause paint chips and dust to collect on the windowsill and be released in the air.

The CDC says: “Windowsills and wells can contain high levels of leaded dust. They should be kept clean. If possible, windows should be shut to prevent abrasion of painted surfaces or opened from the top sash.”

While this may be feasible, it’s hardly ideal, which is why window replacement in older Columbus homes is a good investment, not just for the home value but for the health of your family.

You may want to consider replacing your windows sooner rather than later if your family consists of young children. Toddlers often hang on to windowsills to look out or support themselves while walking and dust on their hands can make its way into their mouths or lungs.

Those with beautiful older homes in Columbus are sometimes concerned that replacement windows will look out of place in their historic home. Though it’s true that certain styles of windows may not adhere to the theme of the home, replacement windows from Zen Windows of Columbus come in a variety of frame types and colors that can be matched to existing windows. Better yet, Zen Windows’ skilled installers can hand-select materials that complement your home in ways you never knew possible.

You get new, safe, lead-free windows and your home gets to retain its original beauty and charm. And, of course, future Columbus homeowners, especially those with small children or pregnant mothers, can rest easy after purchasing a home whose windows have been replaced.

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What You Should Know About Columbus Lead Paint & Replacement Windows

As of 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule that requires any renovation work — including window replacement — to follow strict safety precautions to protect residents from lead exposure. According to the provision, all work must be conducted by an EPA-certified renovation firm. These strict guidelines apply largely to homes built before 1978, when lead paint was more prevalently used in home construction. Especially dangerous in homes with small children or pregnant women, windows with lead-based paint can pose a serious threat to occupant health as wear-and-tear can release lead particles into the air indoors.

Because of the RRP Rule, homeowners wishing to replace their lead-painted windows will incur additional fees due to the extreme safety precautions needed to perform the job in compliance with EPA regulations. However, by investing in replacement windows now, homeowners can enjoy increased safety and even experience ongoing cost-savings due to more energy-efficient window options. Zen Windows boasts a wide variety of energy-efficient, high-quality window products that are professionally installed by our EPA-certified installation experts.

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Zen Windows for EPA-Certified Window Replacement in Columbus

When you need to replace your lead-painted windows, there’s no better team for the job than Zen Windows. Our EPA-certified installation experts are committed to providing you with the most exceptional products and services available. That’s why we’re proud to offer each of our customers the following unique benefits:

  • Free quotes
  • No-money-down guarantee
  • Double warranty on all products
  • No in-home sales appointment

We never use high-pressure sales tactics to sell you on our high-quality, energy-efficient products. When you call our team, you’ll only speak to a knowledgeable dealer for all your replacement window service needs.

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