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Is It Time for Window Replacement?

Replacement windows are a big investment, whether you live in Columbus, OH or in anywhere USA. While new windows may seem appealing, what’s the opportunity cost? Is it worth my time, my effort, my wallet?

Here are five questions to ask that will help you know if it’s time to replace your windows, when to replace them, and why you should consider calling Zen Windows of Columbus, OH for a consultation.

Are your windows hot/cold to the touch or drafty?
Modern windows have multiple panes that provide good insulation, which is something that was not considered when older windows were constructed. Yes, you can wrap them in plastic come winter, but they’re leaking the AC in summer too. Columbus winters can get pretty cold, which leads to our next question….

Are you tired of high heating and cooling costs?
There was a time when heat energy was cheap and energy efficiency was not a concern.  If your windows were built during that time, you’re throwing energy dollars out the window. Replacement windows can help you run a smaller HVAC unit and run it less often.

Are they damaged?
Damaged windows are bad for security, safety, and energy efficiency. If your windows are unlevel, misaligned, or do not have proper shims or caulking, you should consider replacing them sooner rather than later.

Is window cleaning becoming a burden?
While no one enjoys “doing windows,” old windows can be particularly difficult and dangerous to clean. If you are too busy or too old to be scaling ladders outside the home, then the tilt in and other easy cleaning features of replacement windows can become a huge bonus. Clean window glass goes a long way in keeping your home bright, cheery, and clean.

Are you considering home value?
The curb appeal of newer windows is obvious and the value of a home increases not only based on those looks, but also based on the energy efficiency newer windows bring. Families with children will look at older homes with older windows and consider lead paint risks as well. So, if you think you might sell your home in 10 years, why not prioritize window replacement soon than later, so you can enjoy the new windows and increase the sale price of your home.