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What are the benefits of going with the full screen?

A lot of our customers go with a half screen which comes standard with all of the double hung vinyl windows in particular. But if you are a person who likes to ventilate the window at the top or at the bottom of the window, the full screen window allows you more flexibility in choosing whether to open the top or bottom. For example, if you are using the night safety latch and open the top area of the window.

It’s not uncommon also for customers to enjoy birding and may have bird feeders which increases the number of birds near your home. There is an increased probability of birds running into your vinyl windows when you only have a half screen. Upgrading to the full screen is also another way of providing additional protection to any birds that might bump into your window. A full window screen actually provides a springboard for songbirds as they may have made the mistake of heading toward your window as if it was an open path.

The only other alternative that works well with regular glass windows is to apply iridescent mostly transparent stickers—which may be the only great option available for large picture windows, for example.

Our screens are manufactured in a quality way that allow a very clear view through the screen material which allows you to enjoy your windows to their fullest potential.

Start your free replacement window replacement window quote today online with us and just let us know the number of the various types of vinyl windows you are interested in replacing here in the Dallas and Fort Worth area.

Double hung vinyl windows are by far the most popular but you can also easily specify if you need two additional slider windows, one casement window, and one picture window. Our easy window quote tool has an image of each type to allow you to choose the right window and enter the quantity for each.