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Sound Proofing Your Home with Triple Pane Windows

These days there is so much noise pollution out there—not just on the Internet and on social media 😉 but actually in the surrounding areas of our homes. Our homes our sanctuary, our place to get away from the activities of the day and the pressures and noise of the outside world. It’s our place to rejuvenate.

Imagine if our windows helped shield outside noises from traveling into our quiet dwellings? If we had a choice would we prefer that people walking by our home don’t sound like they’re practically in our living room already? Triple pane windows are a great solution to dampen those outside intrusive noises from coming into the home. (Sometimes these noises even startle our pets and other family members.)

The Lotus Triple Pane windows from Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth is our top-of-the-line window and comes with three double strength panes of glass. It has a Gold Label Certification that far exceeds the standards required to even get the Gold Label Certification. All this testing happens from inside of a special laboratory for load testing our windows.  There the Lotus Triple Pane window from Zen Windows is best in breed vinyl replacement window is exposed to high speed winds, forced water intrusion and is graded on its performance.

It’s no wonder with three panes of double strength glass that this window will give you the sound dampening that you are seeking. It is designed to protect the quiet sanctity of your home environment from the outside hustle and bustle. Besides having great sound proofing capabilities this window exceeds all of the other windows and most other windows on the market for its ability to block heat loss or cooling loss (precious dollars that you have already spent conditioning the air in your home).

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