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Zen Windows Dallas/Fort Worth – Replacement Windows FAQ

Can you install during the winter months?

Yes! We can install during the winter months and this is accomplished by keeping the number of windows that are open to a minimum – usually one at a time during the winter to minimize any significant drops of temperature in the home. Temperature loss is also mitigated by sealing off the room where work is taking place.

How are the windows installed? From the inside or outside?

Here at Zen Windows, our team of installers will likely be working from both the inside and the outside to ensure proper fitting. In colder weather it is typically done in an orchestrated rhythm so that there’s not more than one window opening at a time.

What window warranty is available?

We have a double warranty—the lifetime warranty from our manufacture Soft-Lite, plus Zen Windows with a not-likely-beatable warranty which includes service, labor, parts, window breakage & replacement screens for the life of your windows. Imagine 2 months after getting new windows installed and a base ball shows up hitting your window! No problem. And fully replaced with no cost to you. Imagine that!

How long does it take to get my windows installed from the time that I placed my order?

Typical installations year around are 3 to 4 weeks from the time that you place your order with Zen Windows. Once we have the official delivery dates available we will coordinate with you to provide the best installation experience. It’s extremely rare that any installation of windows would take longer than one day with our window installation team.

How can you offer No Deposits?

Companies that are over extended, with multiple sales persons, and expensive showrooms, need to keep more money coming in when they are selling their replacement windows. Zen Windows does not employ sales persons or have showrooms, nor do we have galleries that are expensive to operate. Even if another window company would not require a deposit (which is rare) they would still require the purchaser to pay the contracted amount before your windows even show up. When there are too many expenses in a window company, the window company desperately needs that deposit to cover overall expenses, when that is the case, the money from your deposit has little to do with your actual window project.

With Zen Windows you never have to pay a dime upfront. Zen Windows places the control of the purchase and window installation directly into your hands (where it should be) until the job is done completely and to your satisfaction!