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Replacement Doors in Washington DC

Are your doors damaged, difficult to operate, or letting in drafts? Or, maybe, you’re just ready for a new look to enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your Washington DC home. No matter why you need replacement doors, Zen Windows has the entry and patio doors you’re looking for! For years, Zen Windows Washington DC has been offering superior solutions for all types of replacement door needs. With our customer-focused service, stress-free quotes, and zero-hassle process, it’s clear why Zen Windows is a leading choice for replacement doors in and around the Washington DC, area. Searching for door replacement “near me” in Washington DC? Call (877) 583-0423 or contact Zen Windows online now for a free, accurate, no-hassle quote!

Replacement Entry & Patio Doors in Washington DC

When you need a new entry, interior, or patio doors for your home, the last thing you want to deal with is a pushy salesperson, hidden fees, and a stressful process. At Zen Windows, we understand this perfectly, and we want you to get the energy-efficient, secure, and attractive doors you’re looking for! Whether you’re in the market for glass patio doors, secure entry doors, or custom interior doors, Zen Windows can provide the custom options, fair prices, and quality solutions you need.
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Do I Need a Permit to Replacement My Front Door or Patio Doors?

In Washington DC, building permits are required whenever replacement doors will permanently alter the structure of (or access to) your home. If your replacement doors will not change the frame of your home or the size of the opening, you typically do not need a permit. The expert door installers at Zen Windows can explain whether you need permits for your new doors—and if you do, we can take care of everything necessary to obtain the proper permits and get your new doors installed properly and efficiently.

How Do I Accurately Measure for Replacement Patio Doors?

While our experts will take accurate measurements before ordering your replacement patio doors, measuring the space yourself can be very helpful during the quote process. To start taking an accurate measure for replacement patio doors, first try to remove the trim surrounding your patio door to access what is called the “rough opening,” which is the frame surrounding your door. If you can’t (or don’t want to) do this, be sure to include the frame in your measurements. Then:
  • Measure your door’s height: When taking height measurements, measure from the sill at the bottom to the head jamb.
  • Measure your patio door’s width: Width should be measured from the outside of the side jambs.
  • Measure the depth of the door jamb: The depth of your patio door is measured from the width of the door jamb (the interior of the door) without including any of the door’s trim.
All measurements should be taken three times—one measurement should be taken at the middle, and one should be taken from each side to ensure accuracy and account for any structural inconsistencies. When using your final measurements for your quote, use the smallest of your three numbers for each measurement (height, width, depth).

Schedule Door Replacement Services in Washington DC

Whether you’re looking for custom exterior doors for an entryway, new sliding doors for your patio, or any other replacement doors for your Washington DC home, Zen Windows has you covered! We will make sure that you get the best quality new doors and that your experience with our team is easy, simple, and stress-free! Call (877) 583-0423 or contact Zen Windows Washington DC online to get a free, no-hassle quote for any type of replacement doors for your home!
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