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What’s the Real Cost of Replacement Windows?

Home window replacement installation in Murfreesboro

It’s seldom easy to nail down the costs for any home improvement goods and services. Providers say, “It depends.” It’s understandable they don’t want to commit to a price they can’t deliver — but some do. They give you a price that’s almost too good to be true.

They insist they must visit your home, then offer you products you don’t want or need, and after you’ve spent your time resisting a hard sell, the price changes. They give you a quote beyond your budget. (The original quote was too good to be true, after all.)

It’s annoying, and it’s a hassle. Zen Windows is different.

The Zen Windows difference? Hassle-free quotes and superior customer care. Call (877) 583-0423 or request a free quote to learn more.

How to Understand Replacement Windows Pricing

The national average per-window cost for upgrades is $500/window. Depending on where you live, the cost can be from $200 to $850/window.

Costs vary by region because materials and labor are different within U.S. states. You can use a ZIP code calculator to find median prices for windows. Median prices are “middle of the road” best-guesstimates. (You’ll find lower and higher prices locally.)

The biggest factor in determining a window price is the material from which it’s made. For example, one replacement windows calculator puts the 77375 ZIP code prices from $108 to $302.40 per window for materials only.

Wood is the most expensive material for windows. A wood replacement window can cost $1,000 or more.

Your real estate property value depends on condition and location. Find a Zen Windows professional near your location, and let’s plan your Zen Windows and doors renovation. Your property value will increase while your energy bills decrease. It’s a win-win! Call (877) 583-0423 or request a free quote today.

When You Need Quality and Affordability, You Need Zen Windows

Wood is wonderful. But it’s also higher maintenance and has a shorter shelf life than the other two best materials for replacement windows: fiberglass and vinyl.

Fiberglass windows cost more than vinyl, but they are stronger. They’re just as energy-efficient as vinyl but more eco-friendly. (Fiberglass can be recycled at the end of its lifetime.)

Vinyl windows deliver amazing quality. Our vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty. They’re the most affordable option with advanced features:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Low-maintenance
  • Secure

Replacement windows deliver a measurable ROI (return on investment) for your property. Professionally installed vinyl windows can return as much as 77.5% of your cost. You may also be eligible for tax credits with ENERGY STAR® rated Zen Windows installations.

Installing replacement windows is not a DIY job. If there are damages to your property as a result of a handyman or DIY remodeling project, your insurance company can deny coverage.

Your home is likely your biggest investment. It makes sense to protect it. Call (877) 583-0423 or request a free quote from Zen Windows. 

Should You Finance Your Replacement Windows?

Don’t neglect your home because of replacement window costs. Financing is an affordable way to get what you need. And remember, your monthly energy savings will begin immediately.

  • Convenient payment options – Your repayment plan will be easy to manage. You can make monthly payments online, set up auto-payments, or make payments by mail.
  • Low-interest rates – Low-interest financing makes it possible to buy the windows you really want.
  • Simple application process – It’s easy to apply and get approved for a replacement window loan. Quick credit decisions mean you can move forward with your project sooner.

This year you can have windows and doors that look great, lower heating and cooling bills, and increase the value of your property! Learn more about financing with Zen Windows. Call (877) 583-0423 or contact us today.

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