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Double Hung Windows in Washington DC

Choose Popular Double-Hung Windows for Your Northern Virginia or Maryland Home

Double-hung windows remain one of our most popular window types. At Zen Windows DC, we have a wide range of double-hung windows for you to choose from for your Maryland and Northern Virginia home. Whether you have a standard window or are looking for something custom-made, our team can help. With all double-hung windows, we offer clear, no-surprises pricing to help you get them installed with no hassle.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows and are considering double-hung, trust Zen Windows DC to help. Contact us today to get an accurate quote for your new windows.

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Double-Hung vs. Single-Hung Windows

Many homes throughout the Washington, DC area have single-hung windows. This option gives homeowners a window with just one panel that moves, typically on the bottom. The other panel, on the top of the window, remains in one place.

Double-hung varieties have two mobile sashes, and many can also tilt for easier cleaning. This means homeowners have access to both panels. This gives homeowners many advantages, including:

  • More convenient to clean: Since you can access both panels by simply tilting or moving the sash, you can easily clean the windows with no ladder or outdoor access.
  • Security: Double-hung windows have two locks, which is more than single-hung windows, and this increases the security of your home.
  • Improved air circulation: These windows can open from both the top and the bottom, which gives you greater control over the air circulating in your home.

With these benefits, why do home builders choose single-hung windows? The bottom line is cost. These are more affordable windows, so builders will use them to save money on the overall build. If you’re investing in replacement windows, upgrading to double-hung will give you these benefits.

Want to see what the cost would be? Contact Zen Windows DC to learn more about double-hung windows.


What advantages do double-hung windows offer?

Double-hung windows help homes have better ventilation and airflow. They are also easier to clean and can fit a variety of home types and styles.

How do double-hung windows work?

Double-hung windows have a top and bottom sash that can both lift and slide vertically. Most have a tilt feature that allows them to tilt inward for cleaning.

Should homeowners choose double-hung windows?

Investing in double-hung windows for your home means you give yourself more convenience and comfort. Often homeowners with these windows will save money on their utility bills because the windows are better sealed than their single-hung counterparts. Double-hung windows can also increase the potential resale value of the home.

Trust Zen Windows DC for Double-Hung Window Installation and Replacement

Whether you currently have double-hung windows that need to be replaced or are considering replacing your single-hung variety with double-hung, Zen Windows DC is here to help. We offer an exceptional warranty on our double-hung windows, including both the manufacturer warranty and our own personal warranty, and have a no-money-down guarantee. You work directly with the dealer and not a high-pressure salesperson. You can even request a quote online to save time and energy.

Double-hung windows have many benefits. Zen Windows DC is ready to help you recognize them. Contact us for help with your windows, including having them installed or replaced, in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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