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Kansas City, MO Replacement Windows from Zen Windows

Zen Windows is a different kind of Kansas City replacement windows company.

Finding the right replacement windows for your home doesn’t mean you have to sit through an endless, high-pressure sales pitch and manage an unruly crew of workers who come and go from your property on their own schedule. Kansas City, welcome to your Zen.

Zen Windows is a different kind of Kansas City replacement windows company with a unique philosophy about customer service:

  • We make finding and installing the right replacement windows for your home and your budget simple and quick.
  • We respect our customers’ time and money.
  • We show up on time and do the job right.
  • Zen Windows never asks for any money up front. You don’t pay until the job is finished and you’re happy.

When you choose Zen Windows Kansas City, you work directly with the owner, Kyle Derstler, who will ensure your window buying experience is a great one. You can reach him directly at (877) 583-0423!

Window & Door Styles We Offer

At Zen Windows Kansas City, we offer any shape and size of window you need. Our styles are listed below, but feel free to ask us if you’re not sure exactly what you need!

  • Double Hung – One of the most popular types of home windows, the double hung offers two movable sashes that make opening and closing as well as cleaning a breeze.
  • Slider – When you want to make the most out of an area that doesn’t offer much space, a slider window is a great option. You’ll get a large glass area that is easy to operate in one modern replacement window.
  • Casement – Casement windows make getting some fresh air as easy as turning a crank. They are hinged at the side so that when opened, they offer a full, uninterrupted view or source of ventilation.
  • Bay – These classic styles of windows are built into an area that protrudes from your home and give off a Victorian-era feel. They consist of three sections of glass, whereas the similarly styled bow window contains four or more panes.
  • Garden – The appropriately named garden window is another type of replacement window that protrudes from the home. Perfect for any plant owner, a garden window offers a stylish place for flowers or shrubs to get plenty of sun while remaining indoors.
  • Awning – A versatile model, awning windows open while hinged at the top, meaning they allow for ventilation—even in inclement weather. These small replacement windows are great options for basements or first-floor bathrooms.
  • Hopper – The hopper, or “inverted awning” window is hinged at the bottom and opens inward, making it great for any basement or lower level that needs extra light or ventilation.
  • Picture – Unlike its counterparts on the list, a picture window isn’t operational which means it doesn’t open or close. A picture window makes for a great feature in a living area or alongside smaller functional windows so you get the most out of your space.

What Makes Zen Windows Different from Other Replacement Window Companies?

With Zen Windows, the pressure is off—we’ll never make you feel like you have to rush to make a purchase. Take your time, ask as many questions as you need, and relax!

No Down Payments

Why would we ask you to pay us for work we haven’t completed? Unlike other window companies, we’ll never ask for down payments—ever.

No Sales Appointment

Do you really need a salesperson to come to your home and force you to sit through a lengthy presentation to make a decision about window replacement? We don’t think so. We can give you an accurate quote on window replacement without an in-home sales appointment.

Lifetime Warranty

When we say “lifetime,” we mean it. When you purchase windows from us, you’ll never spend a dime on those windows as long as your house is standing. Should an issue arise, we will fix it or replace the windows at no cost to you. No fine print. No catch. Just an honest-to-goodness lifetime warranty.

Involved Owners

Want to speak to the person in charge? You got it! Every Zen Windows location, including Zen Windows Kansas City, is operated by a local owner who is always happy to speak with customers. There’s no outsourcing of customer service here.

Ready to get started? It’s easy! Visit the Zen Windows Kansas City website and call us now or request a quote online!

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