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Frequently Asked Questions – Nashville, TN

There are several ways to tell if your current windows are effective or need to be replaced. The most common signs that you should replace your windows are:

If your windows are cold and match the outside temperature when you touch them
If your windows have a problem with air infiltration
If your windows are foggy
If your windows get stuck and are hard to open
All of these are signs that your windows may not be functioning properly and should be replaced in order to save money and provide safety.

How much should I invest in new windows here in Nashville?

We think that a comfortable investment falls in the $600 range. For this a customer can receive quality windows that will last a lifetime with a trustworthy warranty.

What makes windows energy efficient?

Energy Efficient windows seal out air and water infiltration, which protects from outside air entering the home or air from leaving the home.

Will installing new windows increase the value of my home and help it sell in the Nashville market?

Installing new windows can help increase the value of your home and get it off the market quicker. Here are a few ways new windows can help:

Increase curb appeal: New windows can improve the overall look of a home
Increase energy efficiency: New windows can help diminish buyer’s concerns about energy costs
Increase security: New windows can help future buyer’s feel safe by adding modern window technology
Increase exclusivity: By installing new windows you can stand out in a crowded and over-populated market
Why are all window bids different?

Many businesses have extremely different business models that contain high overheads from marketing budgets, office locations, staff, and commissions.

At Zen Windows, we follow a simple business model allowing us to charge far below our competitors.

What do I need to consider when having replacement windows installed?
A lot goes into installing replacement windows and it is best to ask a few crucial questions before the process begins.
– Will you charge me for damages?
– Will you be moving my furniture or am I responsible for that?
– Will you be providing me with new casing or caulk?
– Will you be removing or installing my awnings?
– If you find rotting wood during the installation process will you replace it?

Are there any benefits to replacement windows?
There are many benefits to installing replacement windows. Here are just a few:
– Improve the value of your home
– Improve the overall look of your home
– Energy efficient
– Increase safety and security

Why should I choose vinyl replacement windows?
Vinyl replacement windows are able to withstand the outside elements and provide energy efficient results within the home. Vinyl replacement windows come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials and make it easy to customize each home.

What is a good warranty for new windows?
If a warranty will provide you with the following results then it is a good warranty.
– A tech on call the moment you file a service call
– A tech will be at your house that day and will not charge you for the service
– The company will follow the same policy in the future

Is the Window Installer important?
The qualifications of the window installer are a crucial aspect of replacing your windows. We feel it is the best and safest option to receive replacement windows from an AAMI-certified window installer in order to receive confident and quality results.

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